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Quality Assurance

Our team of Quality Consultants work with clients across a number of industries to create and manage Certified Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Independent System Monitoring (ISM) in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AS9100, EASA Part 21J, and CAA. Our services include gaining and maintaining certification - producing Quality Manuals, Company Handbooks, developing company procedures, conducting Internal Audits and resolving Audit Findings.

QMS & ISM Implementation

We work with our clients to develop and implement Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Independent System Monitoring (ISM) in accordance with industry and regulatory standards, without dictating how they should run their company. Our Quality Consultants strive to find the balance between simple processes, customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance, leaving existing working practices unaltered where possible. As part of our service, we prepare Quality Manuals, Design Office Handbooks, Company Procedures, Company Policies along with the associated forms and registers.

To ensure the smooth implementation of your QMS or ISM and effectively communicate its requirements throughout your organisation, our consultants take a hands-on approach, providing on-site training where required.

QMS & ISM Certification

Applying for certification can be a time-consuming and costly experience. Our Quality Consultants are available to guide you through the certification process - conducting preliminary checks and system gap analysis, helping you select a qualified certifying body and being on hand during the certification audits.

QMS & ISM Maintenance

Maintaining a Quality Management System (QMS) or Independent System Monitoring (ISM) not only requires keeping records up to date and updating Company Procedures to reflect evolving working practices, but also includes making adjustments to the QMS or ISM and its processes as part of the Continuous Improvement process. We can highlight areas for potential improvement and give suggestions for more effective processes. We can also assist when planning company expansion, or the introduction of new services to ensure nothing is overlooked and your product quality is not compromised.

Internal Audits
We boast a team of Qualified Internal Auditors who are available on a flexible basis to conduct internal audits in accordance with your internal audit schedule. Using our auditors solves the problem of ensuring no auditor audits their own work and provides a completely unbiased view - simulating the audits carried out by external auditors and certifying bodies.

Resolve Audit Findings
Our Consultants can assist or even lead the resolution of Audit Findings on your behalf. Their expertise in interpreting Non-Compliances from certifying bodies whether for your ISO, EASA or DAOS approval proves invaluable in finding an effective solution in a small time frame.

Certification Standards

Our Quality Consultants are experienced in developing, certifying and maintaining Quality Management Systems in accordance with the following industry and regulatory standards:

• ISO 9001 - Quality Management Systems
• ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Systems
• AS9100 - Quality Management Systems, Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense organisations
• EASA Part 21J - Design Organisation Approval
• CAA - UK Civil Aviation Authority

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