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About AeroTechPubs

AeroTechPubs is an established Small Business Enterprise, with 5-10 technical staff based in our Dorset office.

Since 1985 AeroTechPubs has been involved in the Design, Production & Maintenance of Aircraft, becoming leading experts in updating Technical Publications & Documentation, producing Maintenance Manuals, Instructions for Continued Airworthiness, STC Modifications, System and Equipment Specifications, Technical Reports, Test Procedures, CAD Layout & Design. We pride ourselves on our experienced team of specialist Avionic & Electrical Design Engineers, Technical Authors, Project Managers, Quality Consultants and trained ISO Auditors.

Mission Statement

To update Aircraft Maintenance Data and Instructions for Continued Airworthiness following aircraft modifications and those carried out during the lifetime of an aircraft. AeroTechPubs prides its expertise in quality and the end-user requirements.

AeroTechPubs recognises the Regulatory legal requirements for Operators & Airlines to maintain their aircraft to Part 145 & Part M requirements:

145.A.45 Maintenance data
(a) The organisation shall hold and use applicable current maintenance data in the performance of maintenance, including modifications and repairs.

M.A.401 Maintenance data
(c) The person or organisation maintaining an aircraft shall ensure that all applicable maintenance data is current and readily available for use when required.

Our History

AeroTechPubs history began in 1979 where the founder started in the Design, Production & Maintenance of aircraft and its components. Pentol Limited was formed in 1985 to meet the requests and growing demands by Aerospace companies for the expertise and knowledge of the founder.

Since 1985 the company has grown, and in 2011 the company further expanded taking on the new name of AeroTechPubs.